Eidissen/BN Bank go for gold

Niklas Dyrhaug and Martin Johnsrud Sundby

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BN Bank is challenging again in the cross-country track – Team Eidissen/BN Bank sees the light of day!

Martin Johnsrud Sundby and Niklas Dyrhaug are now gathering their powers and will work hard to achieve their goals of participation and medals at the 2021 World Championships in Oberstdorf. Martin and Niklas have for many years fought in the world top in cross-country skiing. In addition to achieving superb results in the cross-country track through goal-oriented efforts, both are keen to support their local sports community, Martin at Røa and Niklas in Tydal.

Both Martin and Niklas are outside the national team this year, and we at BN Bank now see the opportunity to support two of Norway's largest winter sports profiles in their fight for new medals on the cross-country track. Together with Eidissen Consulting, we have therefore entered into a partnership that will contribute to the boys' fight against Bolsjunov, Klæbo and the rest of the world elite!

BN Bank is proud to support two great and healthy role models in their pursuit of new, great experiences. These are two dedicated practitioners who together will work to be the best, just as we at BN Bank work to be the best bank for our customers.

This year, Niklas and Martin are both contenders, just as we are in the banking market.


Niklas Dyrhaug

Age: 32

Club: Tydal IL

2015and 2017 world championships: Double world champion in relay, individual world championship bronze 15 km classic in 2017. One win and eight podium finishes in the World Cup. Four individual podium finishes in the Norwegian Championships.

Goals for the season:
-The World Championships in Oberstdorf are the main goal.
- Ambitions to stabilize me in the world top again.
- Fight for podium finishes in the World Cup.
- Fight for Norwegian championship gold in Granåsen.


Martin Johnsrud Sundby

Age: 36

Club: Røa IL

Track record: Olympic gold in relay and team sprint, Olympic silver in relay and duathlon, Olympic bronze in duathlon, four-time world champion - three in relay and indviduel world championship gold in the 15 km classic in Seefeld 2019. Three individual world championship silver medals and two world championship bronzes. 15 Nm gold, 7 Nm silver and three Nm bronzes.

Goals for the season:
- Give the young guys a beating again.
- Crack Bolchunov at the World Championships
- Gold in 15 km skating at the World Championships
- Victory at 50 km in Holmenkollen
- Victory in Birken