BN Bank processes personal data about you. This says the law of the processing and your right to access.

Information about your service agreements with us will mainly be made available in your online bank. If you do not have online banking or can otherwise read electronic documents, the information may be provided on paper. You may, by writing and signed, request access to other data registered personal data, description of the types of information processed, and further information about our processing of the data.

The right of access also covers the number of electronic postings and the time of posting that employees with us or the data processors have made in accounts or other customer engagement. The right of access to electronic postings is limited to a period of up to three months after the posting. If you have a particular need for us to limit the number of employees who will have access to, and access to, your personal data, we may consider it. We want to stress that we are quite strict in introducing this, and that there must be a particular reason for that. In other words, you must justify why you think there has been an unauthorized posting.

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