We take your security and privacy seriously

You shall be sure that we do our utmost to ensure your safety in all our channels and in our communication with you via email.

How we safeguard your privacy and confidentiality

We at BN Bank have a duty of confidentiality and will process your personal data pursued by the Personal Data Act and the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

It should be easy for you to get information and further explanation about the duty of confidentiality and privacy. Here you can read more about what it means for you as a customer with us. Our privacy information is in line with industry recommendations from The Financial Norway.

If you agree that we can market our products and advise you, and share your customer information with cooperating companies, they will be able to offer you useful and relevant advice and services back. We cooperate with the following companies:

SpareBank 1 Credit Card

If you need to get in touch with us about privacy, please email our Data Protection Officer Karianne Snøan Iversen.

Personal data is all information and assessments that may be associated with you as an individual.

BN Bank processes the following categories of personal data:

  • Identification information such as name, social security number and copy of id
  • Contact details such as phone number, address and email address
  • Financial information such as customer and product agreements, transaction data and credit history
  • Information to fulfil legal duties such as money laundering and reporting to public authorities

The purpose of our processing of personal data is for us to provide our products and services to you. Specifically, this implies:

  • Customer management such as transaction execution, customer communications, payments, and billing
  • Marketing our products and services
  • Product development and analysis
  • Risk classification of customers and credit portfolios
  • Prevention and detection of criminal acts
  • Security
  • Sharing customer information with companies your bank cooperates with after your voluntary consent
  • Compliance with industry-specific regulation

Your information may also be used for testing and maintenance of our services and systems, in order for us to ensure that they work properly.

If we use your personal data beyond what is necessary to fulfill our agreement with you or as we are required by law, it will be based on the fact that we have a legitimate interest or a free consent from you.

In order to serve you as a customer, we need personal information. Here you can see how we collect, record and disclose such information.

Collection of personal data from you as a customer and from others

The personal data we register about you, we will usually collect from you as a customer. We will, upon the conclusion of the agreement and under the ongoing contractual relationship, record information about you and other persons related to the contractual relationship, such as disponents. We will also register information about persons with whom we have declined to enter into an agreement for the purpose of notifying the person concerned of the refusal and, if necessary, to be able to document the relationship, including that a refusal to deposit and payment order was justified.

If we wish to collect information from you that is not necessary to safeguard the contractual relationship, we shall first inform you that it is voluntary to give up the information and what the information will be used for.

Sometimes we collect information from others, such as from sources at public and private enterprises. This may be market-related or demographic information, which we collect, among other things, from the Population Register and the Property Register.

Disclosure of personal data

By disclosing personal data, we mean transfer to other activities that have the right to use the information. The transfer of personal data to our data processors is not considered disclosure.

BN Bank wishes to share information about you with our partners in order to customize offers for you. In such cases, we will ask you for consent to do so. Read more about consent here.

To private and public enterprises

Registered personal data will only be disclosed to public authorities and other third parties as a result of statutory disclosure or freedom of information. If there is law and our duty of confidentiality does not preclude, personal data may be disclosed to other banks, financial corporations and partners. An example might be whether you want to see your account information in another bank. In order to securely conduct transactions, we may also disclose information to third parties in a payment transaction.

In the case of payments to or from abroad, we disclose the associated personal data to the foreign bank. It is the laws of the receiving country that determine what information is disclosed to the authorities or control bodies. For example, to comply with the beneficiary country's tax and tax legislation and measures against money laundering and terrorist financing.

About foreign tax liabilities

Norway has entered into an agreement with the United States on mutual tax reporting, known as fatca (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). Under the agreement, Norwegian financial institutions are obliged to identify and report US citizens and persons who are tax resident/resident in the UNITED States to Norwegian tax authorities. For more information about FATCA, please visit the website of the U.S. Tax Administration or the IRS.

Tax deduction cards and tax deductions New accounts cannot be created until a declaration has been obtained and reviewed. Read more about CRS at the Norwegian Tax Administration.

Use of data processors

BN Bank has entered into agreements with suppliers on data processing. Separate data processing agreements govern all personal data shared with our suppliers. BN Bank also uses suppliers outside the EU/EEA. In cases where we use suppliers outside the EU/EEA, we enter into the EU standard contract with data processors that process personal data. Our suppliers may not use information for purposes other than what they are collecting for.

If you agree that we can market our products and advise you, and share your customer information with cooperating companies, they will be able to offer you useful and relevant advice and services back. We cooperate with the following companies:

  • SpareBank 1 Credit Card

It is important that you feel confident that your personal data is secure with us. Here you can see what we are doing to safeguard information from loss, misuse, inadvertent access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

Technical, organizational and administrative security measures

Already under development of new solutions and systems, work begins on security. We assess functionality against risk and safety testing solutions and systems so that errors and weaknesses are avoided in the longest time. Solutions and systems that are in production and processing your information are continuously updated and monitored to avoid errors as quickly as possible.

BN Bank works continuously to ensure the safety of systems and solutions. This includes the proper use of security technologies, such as encryption and firewalls, and developing other measures that support the security of BN Bank. Important measures are a separate management system for information security, access control, deviation management and training. For example, all employees of BN Bank are regularly trained in information security so that those who process your personal data have a good knowledge of what it takes to keep your information safe.

How to increase security yourself

With a few simple steps, you can also increase the security of your personal data.

Here you can read more about:

If you are a customer of BN Bank, we process personal data about you. Here you will find information about your rights.

Right of access

You have the right to obtain information about what personal data we process and how we process it. Your personal data is mainly available in your online bank. If you do not have online banking or otherwise cannot read electronic documents, we may send you the information on paper.

In certain cases, there are exceptions to the right to access. This is typical where we are legally required to keep our information secret for the sake of prevention, investigation, disclosure and prosecution of criminal acts. Exceptions are also found if information can only be found in documents prepared for the internal preparation of the case and exemptions from the right of access is necessary to ensure a proper case management.

Correction and deletion

It is important that the information we have about you is correct. Within the limitations set out in the Personal Data Act, you may require us to correct and delete information about you if they are inadequate or unnecessary. BN Bank controls information against the Population Register and other sources.

BN Bank deletes or anonymizes personal data when the purpose of the individual processing of personal data is fulfilled, unless the information shall or may be retained beyond this as a result of the legislation.

Restriction of personal data

You may require restriction in the processing of your personal data in given cases without you wishing the information deleted.

Restriction of processing may mean that the personal data cannot be used for anything, but we may still be able to store your information.

BN Bank may start processing your personal data again if applicable in connection with legal requirements, or if it is to protect another person's right. Further terms and information about restricting personal data can be obtained by contacting us.

Shielding your personal data

If you have a particular need for us to limit the number of employees who will have access to, and access to, your personal data, we may consider it.

By shielding your information, it implies a significant reduction in our ability to follow up on you as a customer. Further terms and information about shielding personal data can be obtained by contacting us.

Have your information disclosed in machine-readable format (data portability)

In certain cases, you have the right to obtain your own information that you have provided to us in a machine-readable format. This applies to information you have provided to us based on your consent or agreement and where the information is stored digitally.

Objection to treatment

In some cases, you have the right to object (right of objection) to a processing of personal data BN Bank makes. Your right of objection we will consider based on your situation, for example, it may be if you have a special need for protection of identity or if you belong to a particularly vulnerable group in society. Further terms and information about your right to object to the processing of personal data can be obtained by contacting our Data Protection Officer.

You have the right to object to the processing of personal data in connection with direct marketing. Should you wish to opt out of direct marketing, please contact customer service.

Automated decisions

Automated decisions are meant decisions made by computer programs without human interference or influence. Where such decisions have a legal or equally material impact on you, we at BN Bank may only do so when necessary to enter into or execute an agreement with you, when the legislation prohibits/grants access to it or when it is based on a consent you have made.

When we make such automated decisions, you have the right, among other things, to request human intervention in the processing and to have an explanation of the decision made. More information about terms and rights can be obtained by contacting us.

When we make such automated decisions, you have the right, among other things, to request human intervention in the processing and to have an explanation of the decision made. More information about terms and rights can be obtained by contacting us.

Possibility to complain

If you believe that BN Bank does not process the personal data in the manner required by the regulations, you can complain to us and any complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

Using personal data, interest and user group profiles, we adapt communication, advice and offers to make them feel relevant and useful. The information about you is also used in analyses, customer surveys and the development of products and services.

Digital customer service and marketing channels

You may experience seeing ads from us on social media and websites when we buy ad space through services such as Facebook Custom Audience, Google Match or Schibsted SPID match. When these services are used, your email address or phone number is linked to what is registered to your social media provider.' The information is encrypted so that personal data security is maintained and the information is only used to carry out the placement of the ad.

BN Bank may process the personal data if necessary to safeguard a legitimate interest that weighs heavier than the consideration of your privacy. Examples of this are:

  • Promote our products and services on social media ad spaces
  • Preparation and implementation of marketing campaigns
  • Customer follow-up purposes
  • Prepare product offerings

If you do not want this type of ads from us, you can opt out of different providers:

Opt-out Facebook
Opt-out Google
Opt-out Adform
Opt-out Appnexus

Alternatively, you can contact our customer service centre and we will register your reservation.


In order for BN Bank to provide you with customized offers, we must first obtain your consent. The consents we request can be found in online banking and mobile banking under -Settings - My Consents. You can change your consent at any time.

Without your consent, we may use neutral information about you for customer follow-up and marketing: your name, contact information, date of birth and what services or products you have entered into an agreement on.

If you agree that we can market our products and advice to you, and share your customer information between these companies, they will be able to offer you useful and relevant advice and services back:

  • Sparebank 1 Credit card

Reservation rights

If you do not want offers from us, you can opt out via online banking or received email. If necessary, please contact customer service and we will register your reservation. Follow-up of your service agreements to which we are obliged will continue to take place, even if you have reserved against marketing.

We use certain personal data to assess the risks of selling products and services. This gives you as a customer confidence that your values are well taken care of.

According to the rules of the Financial Services Act, we use credit data and other personal data for calculating capital requirements for credit risk.

The calculations are done with their own models, work and decision-making processes for credit giving and credit management, control mechanisms, IT systems and internal guidelines related to classification and quantification of the institution's credit risk and other relevant risk. Personal data may be collected from credit reference companies in connection with this.

We have a great corporate social responsibility and manage great value for our customers. This prevents and uncovers the possibility of fraud, crime and acts of terrorism.

Personal data may be used to prevent, uncover, solve frauds and other criminal acts. The information may be collected from and disclosed to other banks and financial institutions, the police and other public authorities. The storage time will be at least five years after registration.

We are also required to report suspicious information and transactions under the Money Laundering Act to the Ecocrime v/Unit of Financial Intelligence (EFE).

BN Bank may process the personal data if necessary to safeguard a legitimate interest that weighs heavier than the consideration of your privacy. Examples of this include profiling to detect fraud by transaction monitoring, as well as to prevent and uncover criminal acts.

Saving samals on chat

  • Logged in online banking:
    If you start a chat when you are logged into online banking, it will be saved and linked to you as a customer. We do this in order to provide you with the best possible customer service when you are in contact with the bank later and as documentation in case of any disputes.
  • Not logged in to online banking:
    If you start chat from your bank's website without being logged into online banking, the conversation is anonymous. The chat is stored for use in customer service statistics and evaluation, but cannot be associated with you as a customer. The chats are stored for 1 year.

In some cases, our mobile apps need access to features and information on your phone. The apps only ask for the access necessary for them to work, and that only involves your data and the app. We can't see the data on your phone.

The processing of your personal data using BankID is described in the Terms of Agreement for Personal BankID, section 7.

Open agreement terms.

How we use cookies and analytics tools

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The basis for this is Article 6(1 f) of the GDPR, which allows us to process information necessary to safeguard a legitimate interest that weighs heavier than the privacy of the individual. The legitimate interest is to make services on our website work.

The tool we use to collect information is Google Analytics and we have agreements that guarantee that users will remain anonymous and that no personally identifiable information is sent or shared. The data collected in Google Analytics is stored on Google's servers in the United States.

If you have been logged in, we may use information about what you do on the websites to make your user experience better. The purpose of the information we collect is to:

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If you have not logged into our pages, we do not have the opportunity to identify you as an individual, but we still measure activity on our websites in the form of statistics such as:

  • What users do on our websites, such as which pages they visit and how often or how long they are here.
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